Krunt .io

by Marl, xAz and Razor
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Krunt .io

Krunt .io

In Krunt .io, have fun with another exciting multiplayer battle game! Be careful of all the opposing players in the arena who tried to defeat you at all costs.

In this battle royale, your goal is to become the only survivor in the arena. Loot the other players, build your own base to produce agricultural materials. Don't forget to avoid all storms during the game!

How to play Krunt .io

  • E - Interact with land items, chests and cars
  • Left mouse button - to shoot
  • P - Switch to building mode to build walls (you will need to use the left button to build the wall)
  • Space - Jump and jump in houses
  • R - Reload your weapon
  • M - See the map and plan to close the zone
  • 1 to 6 - Change weapons, you can also change weapons with the mouse wheel
  • Drop and move your inventory - you just need to click on the weapon and move it wherever you want.


Krunt .io was developed by Marl, xAz and Razor.