Zombs Royale IO

by Pokevision
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Zombs Royale IO

Zombs Royale IO

Zombs Royale IO is a multiplayer battle royale game in the medieval era. Take on an epic battle on an abandoned island and fight against various warriors from around the world in real time!

Only one player can survive in Zombs Royale IO, so use your best combat strategies to win every game. First you must control your parachute to land on a flat and safe location on the map.

As soon as you land, run for powerful weapons to defeat all enemies that quickly bump into you before it's too late. In addition, you'll find shiny boxes in some locations on the map, where you'll find special items like medical supplies, grenades, machine guns, pistols and more.

So stay tuned for all the perils that will surround you in Zombs Royale IO and be prepared for everything! Each weapon has its different color and power, be sure to avoid all clouds of toxic gas so as not to die and lose the game.

Play alone or with friends online in pairs or even with 4 players at the same time! Complete all daily challenges to earn rewards and customize your character to your liking. Have a good time!


WASD: Move

Spacebar: Jump from the plane

M: see map

E: get item

Mouse: attack or shoot

1,2,3: exchange weapon or item


Zombs Royale IO was created by Pokevision.