by Blue Wizard Digital
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Shellshockers .io is a multiplayer shooter developed by Blue Wizard Digital, founded by Jason Kapalka. The company is also known for creating the game Bullet Town, also available to play on our website.

Collect all the power-ups along the way by clicking on the chicken and break all the eggs you find on the way!

Shellshocker .io the famous egg shooting game!

Regarded as the popular egg shooting game, your challenge is to enter an epic and exciting combat to fight against several armed eggs. There are more than 21 maps available!

There are 3 game modes: Free For All, Team and Captula the spatula. In addition, you can count on 7 very powerful weapons: the stirrer, the mixer, the free kick, the RPgema, the 9 mm cloaca and the K-47 farm.

You can customize your egg with various hats, seals and weapons, which can be unlocked as you progress through the game.

Enjoy the "free" game mode to face and eliminate all your opponents alone, or join the "team" mode for a legendary fight between the red flag and the blue flag.

Also, try the "Capture the Spatula" mode so you can fight your enemies while keeping a spatula safely in your hand or with a teammate.

Shellshockers .io also has several public servers to choose from around the world! You can also create your own server to play Shellshockers with your friends.

How to play Shellshocker .io?

  • To move your egg, use the WASD arrows. Watch out to detect all enemies;
  • To shoot click the left mouse button and use shift to aim;
  • Use the space bar to jump;
  • Use Q to launch grenades;
  • To reload your weapon type R.

Who developed Shellshocker .io?

Shellshockers .io was developed by the company Blue Wizard Digital.