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About Shoot Games

The beloved but also hated Shooters are a sub-genre of action games. Also, known as shooter, they gained repercussion nowadays.

Shooting games: The story

In Shooting Games, the player has a weapon and its objective is very clear: Hitting your enemies. The gameplay tests the player's reaction time and speed, who must complete missions and beat opponents.

The first concepts of this type of game emerged through Spacewar!, traditionally treated as one of the first games in history. But its popularity only came later, with the classic Space Invaders, from 1978.

The logic of a shoot was already very clear in the 78 game: shoot, destroy your enemies and dodge as many bullets as you can. A simple chart with spaceships doesn't look like much today. But at the time, it was a massive technological advance.

Asteroids was also a huge hit, which charging players required quick movement, quick reaction and reflex.

And it didn't take long for the genre to become famous and generate a large following.


There are several criteria that place a game on the shooter level. Among them we have:

The perspective

There are several ways to see your action in the Shooting Games. Among them we have the perspective in first person (first person shooter) or in third person (thrid person shooter).

The first is when the player sees the character, as if he were looking with his own eyes. It is also possible (although rare in the genre) to find games that have a fixed camera.


The vast majority of Shooting Games make use of realized elements, even if discreetly, or when they use futuristic themes.

There are also two subcategories: Those that are very similar to reality, with weapons that exist and the simulation of the damage suffered by the characters. It is not necessarily the presence of blood. If your character just fell, it's already considered a simulation. These are known as Tactical Games.

Those that allow greater freedom, whether over the scenario or the game's physics, are called Arcade.

The themes, on the other hand, are the most varied. You can fight Nazis, kill rebels in a civil war, save America from evil or even defeat aliens in an attack on New York.

It doesn't matter what, but you're going to get some good shots, that's it!

But attention, if you are a minor, remember to pay attention to the ratings! Now enjoy our selection of shooting games!