SlitherCraft .io

by KS Games
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SlitherCraft .io

SlitherCraft .io

SlitherCraft .io is a snake game mixed with super fun and dynamic Minecraft! Your goal is to make your snake grow quickly by eating all the Minecraft blocks you find along the way. Collect all diamond blocks and get as many points as you can.

The gameplay is very simple, just speed up your snake with the left mouse button. Beware of all opposing snakes! You may lose all achievements made in the game. Play TNT on all enemies by right-clicking.

Get out of boredom and be the best SlitherCraft .io player all online in a super fun multiplayer game. Play with players from around the world now!


  • Mouse move: move
  • Left mouse button: accelerate
  • Right-click: Enable TNT
  • Type: chat


SlitherCraft .io was created by KS Games.