Rodeo Stampede

by Featherweight
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Rodeo Stampede

Rodeo Stampede

Rodeo Stampede is an adventure game with wild animals developed by the company Feathereweight. Your objective is to make friends and ride on several different wild animals to run in the Savannah as it evolves in the game!

In Rodeo Stampede you can take your adventurous cowboy lasso and ride on various ostriches, elephants and buffalo in the Savannah in a super fun adventure!

There are more than 500 animals available to unlock in the game! Unlock various secret missions to get rare and epic animals.

  • Arrow - Drive
  • Space - Jump from animal to animal
  • Do not stay on an animal for too long, otherwise you will be defeated!
  • With the coins earned in the game you can expand your zoo further

Rodeo Stampede was developed by Featherweight, based in Sydney, Australia.