Surviv .io

by Justin Kim e Nick Clark
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Surviv .io

Surviv .io

Surviv .io is a real-time multiplayer battle game. It was developed by Justin Kim and Nick Clark and released in October 2017.

Inspired by battle royale games, your objective is to fight against all opposing players on a giant map, collecting all the necessary resources and supplies, such as weapons and healing.

  • Become an invincible Surviv in this 2D field by defeating all the enemies you encounter
  • Watch out for the red zone that will decrease over the course of the game
  • Collect all the armor, backpacks and weapons on the map that can be found in crates, houses and other buildings.
  • WASD or ARROW: move
  • MOUSE: aim
  • Left click: melee, shoot
  • F: withdrawal items
  • M or G: map
  • 1.2: change weapon
  • E or 3: melee mode
  • R: reload

Surviv .io was developed by Justin Kim and Nick Clark.