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About Strategy Games

Strategy games are much older than electronic games! They first appeared in board games like War and only later migrated to computers. But after all, what defines this genre? This type of game is defined by the need to manage resources and meet specific goals. We are generally talking about managing troops, equipment, money or even specific technologies.

The first strategy games

The history of strategy games has emerged, as stated earlier, through adaptations of existing and well-established board games. Therefore, several basic characteristics were retained, including the shift system.

This kind of gameplay is nothing more than the division of actions during the game. Each of the players has a certain time to project their actions, then it is the opponent's turn. If you've played Hearthstone, you know what I'm talking about, don't you?

If not, you probably already know the Naval Battle!

This type of tempo allows the player to analyze all possibilities for his actions. What will be the impacts generated, positive or negative, as well as the possible counterattack of your opponent.

When we talk about this type of system, the best known without a doubt is the Civilization franchise. The success of electronic games is actually an adaptation of the board game Advanced Civilization. With several features, including graphics that show the player essential data to manage their resources.

In addition, there are several aspects of gameplay that allow conflict resolution through political moves where diplomacy dictates. But it also has arms and technology solutions that can defeat gigantic armies of enemies.

Other types of games

There is also what is called the "Real Time Strategy". This kind of game started to be successful through the title Dune 2. Based on Frank Herbert's book series, he was responsible for aligning an entire genre that previously did not exist.

In general, we can say that this type of game is characterized by different military units, which are simultaneously controlled by different and opposing people. Where each must manage their resources, their technological advances and still fulfill specific missions, without forgetting to defend against possible enemy attacks or to attack.

Initially, games started with a pre-made script consisting of:

  • Prepare your base of your army.
  • Build defenses
  • Fight opponents

Another thing to note is that at the time, with the scarcity of technological resources the match was exclusively against the computer.

However, things are not like that anymore. With the advent of online games, it is already possible to have complex matches against players from all over the globe.

Are you curious about the amazing world that strategy games can provide? So stay tuned for our amazing selection!