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About Multiplayer Games

Have you heard of multiplayer games? This English nomenclature serves to designate what here in Brazil and Portugal is also called “multiplayer games”.

This type of game has a system where multiple players participate simultaneously in the same game or action. That is, several people around the world (or region) are connected through the online game interface.

Let's learn a little more about this kind of game?

Multiplayer Games vs Traditional Games

Initially, the difference between these two types of games is very clear: In one you play against the computer, in the other there are real people.

That's right, but it's a very simplistic division of the online gaming world. This is because all traditional games rely on artificial intelligence to program characters who will act, either through dialogue or a fight, with the player.

That is, in a very complex way, all actions are predefined and the performance or not of each one depends on a previously established algorithm according to the actions that the player takes.

Multiplayer has an interesting factor added: The unpredictability of human behavior. It sounds funny to say that, but technically, that's what makes this kind of game so attractive.

Playing with mates can be funny and fun, or annoying and frustrating. This is because the team can be extremely orchestrated and do everything in tune, or go either way and end up with any chance of victory.

When we talk about the famous “head to head” it becomes even more unpredictable. Since your opponent can be as skilled as you or an easy-to-win beginner.

This factor has attracted many young people to this genre.

There are several types of games of this type. There are those where the game consists of leaving one player against another in various situations, called competitive: battle, survival or strategy. On the other hand, cooperatives are those in which both must cooperate in order to achieve a goal and thus achieve victory.

In addition, there are the mixed, as an example we can mention the gigantic League of Legends and Overwatch. In them there is a cooperative as well as competitive system.


Due to their competitive and collaborative potential, these games have attracted worldwide attention, thus generating e-sports, or electronic sports. Where there are competitions sponsored by strong industry players and the prizes are worth millions.

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