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About Horror games

Terror is a genre of games that aims to scare the player. Monsters, brutal killers, creepy legends and even zombies are all means used to generate the feeling of fear and persecution in the gambler.

One such hit is the famous Slender: The Eight Pages, which has revolutionized the genre since its launch in 2012. If you don't know, the premise is quite simple: There is a legend called Slenderman. A big-armed, faceless man who captures defenseless children. Your goal is to go collecting the clues left, when all are in your possession, the scary man is beaten.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? The problem is that Slenderman perceives you in many places and if your eyes meet you are captured. Simply, but filled with good scares, the game consecrated the genre and generated a real boom.

Let's know a little more about this type of game?

Horror games: Survive if you dare!

Within the genre there is a division that predominates most games (if not all, right?). I'm talking about the Horror Survival Games, or the Survival horror. The main objective is to overcome the terrifying obstacles and stay alive.

The most interesting thing, by the way, is that the challenge is to survive the facts and events that are initially a complete mystery to the player. The origin of monsters, how to destroy or avoid them is unknown.

All of this is identified throughout the narrative. The pioneer in this genre was Capcom, with the Resident Evil franchise.

The acclaimed zombie franchise brings the idea of ​​a failed experiment, and even as players know the story of the palm, the developer can always surprise, featuring new monsters, facts and characters.

But not only Resident Evil survives this genre. In fact, with the popularization of this type of game countless titles were created. All of them based on survival attempts in a frightening world, with few (if any) individuals, on a dark screen, with almost apocalyptic ambiance.

But the themes vary. There are games for: biological research, such as Resident Evil; more psychological approaches like Silent Hill; others with a full focus on serial killers and bloody murders like Left 4 Dead.

No matter the theme, they will always be great at generating good scares for those who play, but also great laughs for those watching.

How about venturing into this world of horror with the incredible selection we have separated?