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About Action Games

Do you like adrenaline? Of emotion? So I'm sure you are passionate about action games.

Action games are a genre of electronic games, whose main feature is challenges that generate emotion. Like: speed, reflexes and quick thinking of the player.

There are several types. After all, not only shooting games live action games. In fact, it is noteworthy that although all the guerrilla or shooting themed (the so-called FPS) are action. Not all action games are with this kind of approach.

This is because, it is possible to find games of the action genre with the most diverse themes. Doubt?

Let's look at some curiosities below.

Action games you can't even imagine

You undoubtedly know the PlayStation 1 console. The forerunner of the entire OS era was white and small, with the old brand logo in shades of red and blue. Who does not remember, is not it?

Yeah, he had a huge range of games with memorable characters.

The game: Barbie Explorer is one of the most unimaginable genre, that's because, the blonde doll that was adored by girls does not seem to be the kind of character who is a fan of emotion.

But in 2001 Runecraft proved otherwise by putting the blonde to live a life of Tom Raider-style challenges, in fact, this was a tribute to the original 1996.

But following our list, the next is a classic, which came back alive with the release of its Live Action.

As Timon would say: "Tonight, here in the jungle, the lion sleeps."

Yes! The famous The Lion King, released in 1994, is another example of its kind. Launched for Sega Mega Drive / Genesis, Super NES, NES, Game Boy, PC, Game Gear and Sega Master System, it featured extremely difficult challenges. Some of them practically impossible?

Exactly. No matter how much they vary in theme or structure. Action games are always full of challenges.

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