by Steve Howse
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Slither .io is a snake multiplayer game created by Steve Howse and released on March 25, 2016. With its popularity since its launch, it is played by thousands of players around the world on a daily basis.

Have fun with hundreds of players in real time and try to make your snake the biggest of all! Collect all the shiny spheres that are scattered on the game screen to grow bigger and bigger.

Be very careful with opposing snakes that are bigger than you in Slither .io! They can swallow you up making you lose the game.

How to become the biggest snake on

  • You can unlock special skins by clicking on the social media share buttons on the main game screen
  • Once you complete this process, a new option will appear in the lower left corner to choose new custom covers.
  • Decorate your snake by selecting up to 12 different skins
  • Collect all the special spheres, they are two different types (with shiny orbs that appear on a defeated snake and one that is floating around the map).
  • Start by eating smaller snakes

How to play Slither .io?

  • Use the left mouse button or arrows to control the snake
  • Use the right or left mouse button to increase the speed of your snake
  • How to play Slither .io with friends?
  • It is not possible to play Slither with friends without installing additional software. This software is not official and is not recommended.

Who created Slither .io? was developed by Steve Howse, a Michigan developer. His company is called Lowtech Studios.