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Let's talk about some very important details to improve your experience with our site. Our top menu has two important items, the main categories and our search bar.

To browse through thousands of categories simply select the main category from the menu. Within each main category you will have many other secondary categories. This makes it much easier to find a game.

The search option is quite simple to use. You can type the game or type of game you want to search for, for example: Dinosaur Games or just Dinosaur, Car Games or just Racing. Because our search is super smart, she will understand what you are looking for.

In addition, our site is available in multiple languages. If you want to change just choose the flag of the country you want and besides changing the language will bring the most wanted games in that region. Very interesting, right!

We still have a blog that gives great tips on our games, as well as incredible lists separated by theme. It ranges from minecraft style games to the best girl games.

Our homepage displays the most played games as well as the newcomers. If you want to see the complete list just click on the name of the block, for example: Most Played or New Free Online Games.

Now if you have any questions, in the footer you will find plenty of information about the site and if you need to use our contact form that will be a pleasure to help you!

As new games are released every day, the site makes a ranking with users' favorites visit our page popular games and discover what our users like most. You can preview this page in a friv, so more games will be added to each page.

New to the site and don't know where to start? Well, then I will introduce you to the categories that our users most access.

Now enjoy the site and good Online Games everyone!