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About RPG Games

If you are from the “old guard” of online games, you know this term that became very famous in the 00's.

RPG, actually, is an acronym for role-playing game, in free translation would look something like "Role Playing Game". It's a game genre where players create and play their own characters in a fantastic world with fantasy elements.

But not only that, in rpgs it is also possible to find worlds very similar to the real ones. Let's know a little more about this genre?

RPG: Long before electronic games.

RPG games take many forms, the main one being the first one called the "table RPG". In it, players realistically interpret the character, speaking, behaving and even dressing like him.

In this embodiment, there is a different figure called the "Master." Basically, the master of this game is the one who tells the story. It describes the scenarios, controls the evildoers, the non-playable characters that appear in the middle of the story and is responsible for presenting all the action and challenge to the players.

In addition, he also has the function of referee. That is, in the face of a conflict with the rules, he is the one who gives the “final card” and decides if the play was valid or not.

In addition to this “face-to-face” version, it is possible to have the same experience, but in the online version, with its own software, with data scrolling and chips ready.

Incidentally, the dice are an important factor for the table and make it an extremely fun adventure. Most of the time, dice roll is used to decide whether or not an action will be completed or how much damage was dealt in an attack.

Just imagine: You are an archer and you are facing a gigantic dragon. Your friends are scattered across the battlefield, ready to pounce on the threat. Then you aim your bow and arrow and are ready to attack it. The master asks: Roll a D20 (20-sided die) if it gives you more than ten you can. But luck is not on your side and you draw 1. Result? You miss and the arrow will land on your friend Orc's foot.

This kind of unpredictability makes the game interesting and makes it more fun. Except maybe if you're not very lucky.

RPG's Online

And of course this kind of game couldn't be left out of the online universe. There are numerous games that have absorbed this genre and adapted to their environment. But the context always remains: The freedom to play your character, a complex system of rules and an interesting narrative.

Have you ever played Final Fantasy? This franchise is a Japanese-style classic, where the battle is shifted and the dialogues it participates in change the direction of the story. Another example of the genre is the Persona franchise.

But there are other types: The traditional ones, such as Tibia and Ragnarok; Novels like Sweet Love and etc.

So, did you like the RPG's? Then run to check out our full selection of games!