Let's play games

Let's play games

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Affectionately Online Games are often treated as "Little Games". For some time I was a volunteer instructor in a project that taught low-income children to use the computer and always at the end of the class released a few minutes for them to surf the internet. It was a unanimous question, they would all call me and say "I can  to play Little Games".

What were the games like before

I believe that 99% of the online games were made in a tool called FLASH, of the company Macromedia. And for the games to work you should download a plugin for your browser called Flash Player.

This tool has great animation features and it was possible to develop simple but incredible games. In April of 2005 Adobe Systems announces the acquisition of Macromedia in a transaction of 3.4 billion dollars. As the game was running through the browser, it was not possible to have access to some hardware devices and this limited the development of more robust games and perhaps for that reason online games became known as games.

Flash games still exist?

Yes, it is possible to play flash games. But with the evolution of technology and a decision of the manufacturers of browsers the complement required to run these games is disabled and for each site you want to run it you need to give permission! Then you must be wondering, why browsers did that? Simply for safety and instability. The latest version of the player had many flaws and security problems are always the most serious. But now I still want to play games.

Html5 will be Flash's replacement

Html5 provided wonderful features for the browser. With its release it is possible to run some video formats and audio files directly in the browser without the need for additional plugins. And with so many new features, there is the WebGL. WebGL (Web Graphics Library) is a web technology that provides 3D graphics rendering by accelerating video cards directly from the browser. And with so many fantastic things started to emerge various tools for the development of browser games, using html5. It was now possible to run these games on several different devices, provided they have a next-generation browser installed.

The games are turning big games

Of course using the term "Jogging Game" will continue, but nowadays there are many quality games that run directly on your browser and many of them with features that we only saw in exclusive computer games.

The .IO Games are an example of this, are multiplayer games of various styles, have RPG, FPS, Fight, Battle Royale and many others. And in all of them you will compete online against other people. By the way the games have grown :).

And are you ready to play "little games"? I will leave some of these games for you, but do not forget to access our exclusive .IO Games category. Follow our social networks and get to know all the news and game launches of the site.

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