YoHoHo .io

by Exodragon Games
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YoHoHo .io

YoHoHo .io

In YoHoHo .io you and other pirates are lost on a desert island and need to protect their lives at all costs! Survive in an exciting .io battle and collect all the gold coins scattered in the game.

Only one player can be the winner! Then use all your battle skills to become the greatest pirate of all and unlock new, more evolved characters. Try to avoid the danger zone as much as possible to avoid losing the game! Good luck in YoHoHo .io.


  • To move, use the mouse or press the WASD / arrow keys
  • To attack, press the left mouse button or the space bar. Hold to charge an attack


YoHoHo .io was created by Exodragon Games.