Drednot .io

by Adam Coggeshall
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Drednot .io

Drednot .io

In Drednot .io get ready to take on various multiplayer ship battles completely online! Build your own flying warship with your friends to conquer all the seas. Fight all players online to create the most powerful ship of all and thus invade all territories.

Choose the type of ship you want to create with a small, fast destroyer or even a giant warship with lots of weapons and armor! To evolve in the game, create new materials and weapons to become invincible. Good luck at Drednot .io!


  • WASD to move or climb a ladder
  • Space bar to jump or exit a ladder
  • Left click to interact
  • Right-click to use an item
  • Q to drop an item
  • Roll the mouse to enlarge
  • C for fast zoom
  • Sign in to chat
  • Guide to showing the score


Drednot .io was created by Adam Coggeshall.