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About Pirate Games

In our Pirate Games collection, get ready to navigate an exciting adventure! Cruise across the seas with your stowaway and fight aboard to steal all of your enemy's riches.

The first to use the term pirate was Homer who belongs to Ancient Greece. According to him pirates are responsible for stealing crew at sea on their own, pirates stole various riches from trade routes such as metals and gems. They robbed the city's merchants and even held them hostage.

Anyway, in our Pirate Games take on the role of your favorite character and destroy all opposing ships in a challenging battle to conquer hidden treasures on mysterious islands! Explore a secret map to find various valuable treasures.

Have fun with the characters Jack, Cubby and Izzy from the cartoon Jake and the Neverland Pirates. They need your help to defeat Captain Hook. Check out our list of Online Pirate Games now!