Venge .io

by Cem Demir
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Venge .io

Venge .io

Have fun right now with this legendary online multiplayer shooter! Eliminate multiple enemies while you take on several powerful weapons.

Once you're in battle, upgrade your equipment to get stronger and stronger! Find all the green dots on the map to claim territories and complete all the objectives of the game.

Choose epic weapons like Tec-9, Shotgun, Scar and Sniper Rifle. You can invite your friends to multiplayer matches by sharing the link on the lobby screen.

  • Move - WASD or arrow keys
  • Shoot - LMB
  • Salto - Space
  • Melee attack - E
  • Play Granada - F
  • Crosshair - Left Shift / RMB
  • Turn Cards - (Hold) B
  • Dance - H