MineStrike .Fun

by Self
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MineStrike .Fun

MineStrike .Fun

MineStrike .Fun is a Minecraft-style world-building game. Have fun in a totally new virtual world by eating various cakes, fish and everything you find along the way.

Be careful not to eat the poisonous potatoes! For each time you eat them you will get even smaller. Attack all minor enemies to stay alive. Protect yourself against all enemies by fleeing or taking deadly blows with your weapon.

MineStrike .Fun has 15 levels:

  1. Steve with a wooden sword
  2. A bee with a sunflower
  3. Pumpkin with a stick
  4. Fish with a fishing rod
  5. Ocelot with a stone sword
  6. A pig with a stone pick
  7. Zombies with an iron shovel
  8. Skeleton with bone
  9. Creeper with an iron pick
  10. Drowned with a trident
  11. Enderman with a diamond sword
  12. Zombie Pigman with a gold sword
  13. Blaze with a flame rod
  14. Witch with an enchanted diamond sword
  15. Herobrine with nanossable

Reach level 15 to become MineStrike .Fun's strongest opponent! Use all attack tactics wisely and strategically. Have a good time!

  • Move - mouse
  • Attack - left mouse button
  • Accelerate - right mouse button

MineStrike .Fun was created by Self.