Stickman Zombie 3D

by Yuriy Nikshych
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Stickman Zombie 3D

Stickman Zombie 3D

Play Stickman Zombie 3D and enjoy another game of famous Stickman characters online and for free! Your goal is to face all opponents from around the world in a Battle Royale arena and become the sole survivor.

In addition to the online players you must face all the zombies that are ready to attack! Collect all weapons that are scattered on the arena floor and face various enemies with skill. Be a powerful lone Stickman in Stickman Zombie 3D!

Features come with fun gameplay in an apocalyptic 3D world with easy-to-run running and shooting controls. Have fun and good luck!


Play with the left mouse button


Stickman Zombie 3D was created by Yuriy Nikshych.