by KS Games
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CoronaVirus19 is a multiplayer fighting game about people and the coronavirus. Your goal is to collect all the toilet paper from the arena so you don't get infected with the virus, otherwise, you should see a doctor before you start to feel sick.

There are 4 types of people in the game:

  • Healthy person - can walk or run on the map and look for a disinfectant
  • Bat
  • Doctor or a
  • Killer infected with coronavirus - can cough and vomit, but cannot run.

Try to infect as many people as possible or find a doctor in the CoronaVirus19 arena to recover. The doctor is a player with a disinfectant in his hands!

The assassin is a scout who can hit and run quickly through the arena. Those infected with the coronavirus lose a certain amount of health and to replenish it, it is necessary to collect the toilet paper.

Play with the left mouse button

CoronaVirus19 was created by KS Games.