Forge of Empires

by Inno Games
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Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires

In Forge of Empires have fun with a fully online medieval strategy game. First published in 2012 by Inno Games, it has already won over 1 million players worldwide.

Your goal is to command an empire, protecting and fighting various enemies to gain their recognition and glory. In Forge of Empires you can build your own empire with houses, trades, farms and more. Join amazing battles!

How to play Forge of Empires

Command your troops and manage all resources of your empire to attack enemy territories and further expand your empire. To play just perform a basic sign up on the site, the game will also carry a step by step explaining how to create your village and how people can work to earn you a lot of money.

Research new technologies to evolve into the age of the game beginning in the Stone Age. Its goal is to advance to the Bronze Age, Iron Age, Early Middle Ages, High Middle Ages, Late Middle Ages, Colonial Age, and finally the Industrial Age.

Form a large army in Forge of Empires and get ready to conquer various enemy territories an exciting game!


Forge of Empires was created by Inno Games.