Zombie Tsunami Online

by Kiz10
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Zombie Tsunami Online

Zombie Tsunami Online

Have fun with the famous game Zombie Tsunami online for free! This is a very fun zombie game. Your challenge is to control as many zombies as possible to attack all cities. Be the zombie hero, run through the city and attack all humans.

In Zombies Tsunami avoid all obstacles along the way, such as cars, buses and others. Collect all coins and to evolve in the game buy special powers like super zombies, tsunami or alien invasion.

Survive and eat all the people in the world to create the largest horde of zombies ever!


Mouse = spread viruses

Arrows / WASD = Move Level

Scroll up / down = Zoom in / Zoom out

Z = Full view

X = normal view

Esc = Options

O - View Goals

+/- = Fast Forward / Normal Speed

1 = virus

2-4 = Use Support

5-8 = Summon special zombies.


Zombie Tsunami online was created by Kiz10.