Snow Battle .io

by Tokyo

Snow Battle .io is a multiplayer .io game. Your challenge is to knock all opponents out of the arena. Collect as much snow as you can to attack them. - Play Snow Battle .io Free and Enjoy!


Game Snow Battle .io

Snow Battle .io is a fun multiplayer .io game! Your objective is to control the cart under the snow and become the only survivor of the move. To do this, use several attack strategies collecting as much snow as you can in your vehicle.

  • Throw snowballs at opponents until they run out of energy to stay above the ice.
  • Push all opponents out of the arena to eliminate them!
  • Don't forget to collect all Snow Battle io upgrades to evolve the game.
  • The map will decrease as time passes in the game, so be very careful!

Take on an epic fight and have fun in the snow with various players from all over the world or alone. Have a good time!

Game controls

  • WASD: move
  • Mouse: play snowball

Who developed Snow Battle .io?

Snow Battle .io was developed by Tokyo.