Krunker .io

by Sidney de Vries
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Krunker .io

Krunker .io

Krunker .io is a multiplayer first-person shooter game inspired by Minecraft characters. Play against other real-time players from around the world in a fully pixelated 3D world. In addition to being a lot of fun, you will be able to tackle a number of challenging competitions with your online friends.

In Krunker .io you can choose up to 11 different Minecraft characters as detective, agent, hunter, archer and with custom clothing styles! In addition to being a sniper you can play with an assault rifle and even a state-of-the-art pistol.

Are you ready to become the only survivor in this FPS? Use a variety of awesome and deadly weapons! As an assault rifle, shotgun, sniper and even explosive bombs to kill multiple opponents at once. Be a professional sniper and stealthy enough to shoot all enemies before they kill you!

In the game Krunker .io you will also be able to play an amazing selection of maps with amazing 3D graphics, several different maps to choose from! By the way, you can upload your own map creations with rocky landscapes, ice and even fire lava.

The game has a world ranking where you can check which position you are in the leaderboard. Then use all your fighting skills to reach the top of the rankings! Eliminate all your enemies in a multiplayer knockout game.

Challenge all your friends to face challenging matches with futuristic weapons and open maps with hundreds of enemies in Krunker .io now!

Tips for playing Krunker .io!

  • Collect various weapons and see which one suits your shooting skills.
  • Always have a shelter nearby to reload your weapon or restore life
  • Jump while killing an online opponent, so you will earn extra points
  • Save your matches, select your favorite maps and game modes.
  • Share your URL or code with friends to play online.
  • Be stealthy enough to kill as many opponents without attacking you


WASD: To move

Left mouse click: shoot

A: reload weapon

C: point / zoom

Spacebar: Skip

Switch to squat

F: spray paint


Krunker .io was created by Sidney de Vries.