Hordes .io

by Dek
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Hordes .io

Hordes .io

Play Hordes .io and enjoy a 3D world full of monsters! Play with other online players from around the world in an exciting battle. Inspired by the game World of Warcraft attack all your opponents increasing their level and strength with each war.

Initially choose one of four classes as wizards, archers, wizards and use their powerful spells to kill enemies at long range. Whenever you can, heal your war partners with shaman to restore their health.

Explore a 3D world in Hordes .io with stunning graphics of diverse rock mountains bringing a realistic version to the game. Defeat all the monsters you encounter along the way and complete several challenging missions with your allies achieving the highest ranking in the world rankings. Have a good time!


  • WASD: To move
  • 1234: To use a skill


Hordes .io was created by Dek.