Pipa Combate

by Maiworm Digital Strategy

Do you like Pipe Games? Then have fun with the Pipa Combat game totally online! Enter an addictive kite battle and beat all opponents by cutting the ropes of enemy kites. Choose the kite of your choice! There are several game modes. - Play Pipa Combate Free and Enjoy!


Game Pipa Combate

Pipa Combate is a kite simulator game developed by Maiworm Digital Strategy. Check out all the tips for playing this phenomenon online!

It is possible to participate in multiplayer competitions to compete in real time against up to 8 opponents. The game modes available in Pipa Combate are:

  • Festival;
  • Combat;
  • Pipodromo;
  • Online.

In the first three plays, they are competed against the computer, but in the next three it is already possible to compete with other players.

The most used are Fine Iron Powder and Wood Glue mixed with Fine Glass Powder, but there are other options that work well, such as Wood Glue with Iron Powder.

  • You need to match the kites with those of your opponents.
  • Cross your kite's line with your opponent's, forming an X.
  • Then, click on the screen several times to drag it down.
  • S: dibicar
  • A: pull
  • D: download

Pipa Combate was developed by Maiworm Digital Strategy.