Madalin Cars Multiplayer

by Madalin Games
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Madalin Cars Multiplayer

Madalin Cars Multiplayer

Madalin Cars Multiplayer is a multiplayer racing game with a variety of sports cars for you to choose from: Ferrari, Ford, Bugatti, Lamborghini and many others. Run at high speed on ramps that reach the sky and challenge different players online around the world.

Customize your cars by updating the color and direction settings, there are several types of maps to choose from like deserts, streets, roads and several other different areas. Show all your driving techniques in Madalin Cars Multiplayer and make several exceptional ramps!


  • WASD or arrow keys
  • F to use nitro
  • C to switch cameras
  • R to reset the car
  • I to start or stop the engine
  • Space bar to use the handbrake


Madalin Cars Multiplayer was created by Madalin Games.