In challenge players online for a great robot war! Stay in control, make improvements. There are three different game modes. Take your stand and prepare the ammunition for this epic battle is about to begin!v - Play Free and Enjoy!


Play and enjoy an exciting multiplayer robot battle game! Face opponents in real time and show off your skills. Select the game mode and a powerful robot of your own.

Enter the arena and use your robotic battle skills to shoot and destroy all enemy war robots. Do not forget to collect all bonuses scattered in the arena to level up your robot and make it even stronger.

As you level up new skills will be unlocked, for example new drones can be added to your robot improving shooting efficiency. Use earned gold to enhance all warfare functions of your robot. Be careful not to fall into the holes in the arena! has amazing graphics and exciting gameplay. Get first place in the online ranking! This game belongs to our collection of .io Games.


WASD: To move

Left and right arrow: to rotate the camera

Space: to use booster

Click left mouse button: to shoot

Right-click: to lock / unlock mouse camera view

Creator was created by io games space.