by Epic Games
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Fortnite is for sure one of the best battle royale games ever produced so far! It was developed by Epic Games and released on September 26, 2011. Your goal is to fight on an incredible map with 100 players in real time and become the sole survivor of the match.

Several players are placed on an onboard plane to land with a parachute at a strategic location on the map. Be very careful not to fall in the same place as your enemy! Well, he can find a weapon first than you and end up eliminating you.

Many use the strategy of falling into distant locations on the map, but it is necessary to watch out for Fortnite storms, if you are too far from the safety location, you may end up being eliminated because of it.

Try to know as much as possible of the places you fall and find all the items needed to survive during battles, such as weapons, health potions and more.

When you fall at a specific location on the map, the aim is to run as fast as possible to find the best weapons and collect all the shield potions. They are essential for you to regain life when you are in a difficult battle.

Thematic events

It is no wonder that the game attracted more than 125 million players in less than 1 year. What stands out the most are the surprising graphics of Fortnite, which in addition to having a gigantic map, every month an event is held with several new themed characters.

In August 2020, for example, we had the Marvel Heroes event in the fourth season of Fortnite Chapter 2, with several special combat bonuses.

One of the heroes already included in the game through this event were Thor, Wolverine and Iron Man. In addition to the characters, several themed accessories were made available, which make all the difference in the game.

You can have an incredible experience by personalizing your fighter with the profile that suits you best, there are a variety of awesome models! Like the Skull Trooper, an embedded skin. No wonder it's one of the most used skins in Fortnite!

In addition to the themed events, the game also features weekly battle pass challenges to unlock a variety of challenges, helping you earn more EXP and level up in the game.

There are also other game modes in Fortnite such as "Save the World", where you must explore a dark and apocalyptic world after 98% of the population has disappeared after a zombie attack with 4 other players. The objective is to destroy this horde of zombies, better known as "carcasses".

In this mode you can loot, create various weapons and increase your collection of heroes by building a huge base. You really take on the role of a base shelter commander! Collect all the resources you can to save all the survivors and thus collect data about the storm and push it back.

In addition, there is the Festa Royale in Fortnite which is a fun space where players can play several mini games and, at the same time, watch movies and shows with several famous artists. One example is the participation of the k-pop group BTS, they held a show on September 25, 2020 to debut the release of their new video “Dynamite” and two choreographic gestures by the group were also released.

But how can you watch these Festa Royale events at Fornite? It's simple! You must enter the game at the time of the event and click on "change in the lobby", select the "Festa Royale" game mode and then click on play.

In addition to BTS, several other artists also participated in events in 2020 such as DJ Alok, Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki and Deadmau5, Diplo, Young Thug and Noah Cyrus.

  • Improve your mouse and keyboard editing, the settings are very important to start practicing the exciting games of the game.
  • Perfect every building edit you make. Fortnite fortress constructions are very important to dodge all of your opponent's attacks and shots, especially in a competition with more experienced players, they are already used to making very high and strong barriers, so enter the creative mode of the game and practice the buildings several times. Do a lot of boxing and train hard!
  • To build Fortnite on the PC, by default it is the Letter “Q” on the Keyboard, on Xbox 7 and Circle on the Playstation, but if you prefer, you can create your own control scheme in the game settings, which best suits you . This is a very important point!

As for buildings in Fortnite, there are three types of building materials. The stronger the type of material, the longer it takes to build it.

  • Wood: 5 seconds of construction per panel, health starts at 100, has 200 health
  • Stone: 12 seconds of construction per panel, health starts at 90, has 300 health
  • Metal: 20 seconds of construction per panel, health starts at 80, has 400 health

Shield potions are also very important! Don't forget to keep your character healthy at 100% and keep all the potions you find in your inventory. They can be found in chests and containers and take an average of 5 seconds to consume the potion.

Always try to catch the High Ground, that is, always stay at a higher height than your enemy in combat. There are usually many inexperienced players in the beginner game, where they are not used to construction ramps. And building a ramp above your opponent he will face the wall, making it easier to shoot several times. His viewing angle will only be half his body, so it will be even easier to defeat him.

Collect materials from the beginning of the game, they are essential for building! Walk around the houses destroying all the furniture and destroy the trees.

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