Duckpark .io

by DRA e Azerion.
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Duckpark .io

Duckpark .io


Ducklings are often running on the lake. And your goal is to help them survive in an exciting multiplayer race! Help them dodge all enemies and obstacles along the way by slowing down.

How to play Duckpark .io?

To survive the competition you can fly off the track, strategically push your opponents, collect gliders and much more. In addition, one of the greatest fun of the game is to collect new skins to personalize your ducks and make them more beautiful.

In Duckpark .io, face players from all over the world in an extremely fun and online race! Keep your eyes open to overcome all obstacles. Whoever gets first to the finish line and lands in the bathtub is the great champion!

  • Left arrow: to slide to the left.
  • Right arrow: to slide to the right.

What are the Tips and Tricks for Duckpark .io?

  • Use speed accelerators to collect all bonuses quickly before your opponents.
  • Have the courage to push all your opponents so that you can reach the finish line without interruption.
  • Use steam puffs to your advantage! Jump properly very carefully!

Who is the creator of Duckpark .io?

Duckpark .io was created by DRA and launched by Azerion.