Ducklings .io

by Pelican Party
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Ducklings .io

Ducklings .io

Ducklings .io is a very fun io game of cute ducklings. Your goal is to save all ducklings that are lost in a pond. Swim quickly to collect as many lost ducklings as possible and take them safely to their nest.

Be wary of the other opposing players who will be in the game in real time! Be agile so they don't steal your ducklings. Similarly, have the ability to get your opponents' ducklings.

Also, watch out for reckless boats that will speed through the lagoon and hurt you and your ducklings! Because if you get hit you will lose the game and your duckling count will be reset.

In Ducklings .io each duckling you save can progress to the next level and get even faster. There are 400 challenging levels for you to enjoy for free and online!


Play with the left mouse button.


Ducklings .io was created by Pelican Party.