Bomb It 7

by Spil Games

Enjoy the incredible Bomb It 7! Put your bombs to defeat your opponents. Play different game modes and unlock all the achievements! - Play Bomb It 7 Free and Enjoy!


Game Bomb It 7

Bomb it 7 is another game from the classic version of Bomb it series. This is one of the most popular Bomberman style games, you will find many challenges, maps and game modes. Face an incredible and challenging combat completely online for free!

In Bomb it 7 use all your strategies to let all the deadly bombs in your favor, plant your bombs strategically in the best locations to create traps for your game enemies.

Destroy the walls to find various power ups that will help you complete all missions. Choose your favorite character, there are 8 different options with super animated and colorful characters! Plus, you can play with other players around the world in real time in the multiplayer game option.

  • Choose your difficulty level
  • Choose up to 5 game modes
  • Play up to 50 challenging levels
  • Play up to 9 different maps
  • Unlock hats and custom expressions and more!


Arrow keys or WASD: Move

Spacebar: Drop the bomb


Bomb it 7 was created by Spil Games.