Swamp Attack

by Kiz10 and taptap
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Swamp Attack

Swamp Attack

Save your swamp before zombies, crocodiles and aliens take over! In Swamp Attack defend your home with a weapon and shoot all the monsters without mercy.

Build the best strategy to attack each monster, as each has an increasingly fun challenge.

You will be able to place with a variety of weapons like flamethrowers, dynamite, molotov cocktails and much more! Swamp Attack is an action-packed game, one of the best 2D shooting rpg games out there.

  • Switch weapons quickly during action against enemy monsters
  • Upgrade your weapons and bombs before starting the next level
  • Drink a potion to continue playing if you are killed or recover your energy

Swamp Attack has 8 episodes of a lot of action and 390 levels for you to have totally online fun in our collection of games. Have a good time!

Swamp Attack was created by Kiz10 and taptap.