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About Zombie Games

Ready to survive a terrifying apocalypse with the best Zombie Games? Then check out our free online collection! Take action by attacking several undead in an exciting fiction.

Test your survival skills in a zombie apocalypse, use powerful weapons to shoot and kill all the zombies you encounter along the way, run away while there is still time like in The Walking Dead!

Unfortunately you can be the only survivor after a zombie apocalypse and your only challenge is to eliminate all the undead that appear in front of you. Has anyone else survived so that they can rebuild the human race? Humanity depends only on you!

We have several styles of challenging Zombie Games to play online, such as the game Zombie vs Finger, in which you can smash all zombies with your own fingers on the screen of your phone!

In Zombie 3D Survival Offline you can have fun in a battle against bloodthirsty zombies by choosing a character from Minecraft, or get ready to die of fear with Residence of Evil! Fighting the walking dead in an abandoned mansion on the hill.

Have fun with the best zombie shooter games, strategy games and puzzle games we have specially crafted for you! Show all your friends that you can survive in a zombie apocalypse.