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About Animal Games

If you like pet care check out our list of pet games with a variety of fun options to pass the time.

You can have your own zoo and help several endangered species! Have fun with our wildlife games like tigers, elephants, pandas, penguins among others.

Also, if you dream of being a vet play in our collection of animal games! Taking care of all your favorite animals that need special care like bruises or a broken paw. Rescue all lost animals on the streets.

Take care of super cute animals!

You can also have your own pet! Bathe in the tub full of refreshing soap, sip delicious food, choose the cutest clothes and accessories for your favorite animal. Take care of kittens, ponies, koalas among other super cute.

Also on our list of pet games try taking care of fish in the aquarium by creating a huge collection with lots of fun colors. Save all the animals in the most fun platform games, jumping obstacles games and more.