Quiz Pokémon: qual Pokémon é você?

by Quizur
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Quiz Pokémon: qual Pokémon é você?

Quiz Pokémon: qual Pokémon é você?

Pokémon is a game developed by the company Game Freak and published by Nintendo, launched in 1996 for the first time in Japan through the Game Boy console. Currently it is considered the second best selling electronic game franchise in the world! Let's find out which Pokémon would you be?

There are 890 types of Pokémon spread across the universe with powers of water, fire, earth, electricity and more! Answer all the quiz questions to find out which creature suits you best.

Answer all the fun questions in this online Pokémon Quiz and have fun sharing it with your friends on all social networks!

Pokémon Quiz: which Pokémon are you? It was created by Quizur.