OpenLara - Tomb Raider

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OpenLara - Tomb Raider

OpenLara - Tomb Raider

OpenLara - Tomb Raider is one of the classic games of warrior Lara Croft who is one of the main icons of the gaming world. Considered one of the most adventurous heroines, explore a mysterious temple with several tombs and dark dungeons.

Help Lara Croft kill all supernatural creatures like zombies and ghosts by collecting various objects and uncovering all the mysteries of OpenLara - Tomb Raider. This is one of the classic retro 3D games with exciting and fully online gameplay.

You can purchase various weapons in a dangerous and challenging adventure. In addition to hero is a powerful archaeologist finding all the hidden treasures of OpenLara - Tomb Raider.



WASD / Arrows: Move

Spacebar: Skip

Q: draw weapon

1 to 4: choose weapon

E / Ctrl: action; shoot

Shift: Walk

Z / X: Side Steps

Mouse: Control Lara's gaze.