Super Flight Hero

by Power Slash Studios
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Super Flight Hero

Super Flight Hero

In Super Flight Hero get ready to fly the sky in a great adventure! Take on monsters with your superpowers and survive in all thrilling missions reaching the highest score than your opponents.

Capture all Super Hero powers like super jump, fire power among others. Get stronger and stronger to become even more invincible. Jump with skill and soar through the sky for new powers.

Collect all gold coins along the way to rank first in the world ranking! Your Super Hero needs the help of a magical parachute, so tap the screen to open the parachute and tap again to drop the parachute dodging all monsters and obstacles.

Fall on top of the monsters to earn extra leaps and fly higher and higher without falling over the cliff! Super Flight Hero is a fun game with 8-pixel and 16-bit 2D graphics. Have fun with this classic game!


Play with the left mouse button.


Super Flight Hero was created by Power Slash Studios.