Mope .io

by Stan Tatarnykov
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Mope .io

Mope .io

Mope .io is a super fun animal battle multiplayer game! In this game transform into various animal types and evolve with each game getting stronger. You can turn into a mouse or even a dragon!

To start the game find all opponents online to eat them and grow. A good tip is to drink water so that you will continue to use the speed bonus. Try to level up to evolve into other animals like foxes, crocodiles and lions.

First you will start out as a small mouse or shrimp, so you will need to use the best strategies to survive with thousands of players worldwide in real time! Keep your pets safe and well fed. Play Mope .io completely online for free on our website!

Land animals

Rat <Rabbit <Pig <Fox <Deer <Mole <Zebra <Lion <Cheetah <Bear <Croc <Rhino <Hippo <Dragon

Aquatic animals

Shrimp <Trout <Crab <Squid <Seahorse <Jellyfish <Turtle <Sea Ray <Shark

How to play Mope

  • Click the left mouse button to execute.
  • Eat food and players to grow, drink water to stay alive.
  • Avoid the players highlighted in red!


Mope .io was created by Stan Tatarnykov.