Raid Land

by Sideque. St

Play Raid Land to participate in a third-person battle royale game! Fight your opponents and collect as much gold. - Play Raid Land Free and Enjoy!


Game Raid Land

Raid Land is a fantasy-themed third-person battle royale game. Your objective is to collect as much gold as possible and defeat your opponents with just a bow and arrow to survive. Find all your opponents on the map and defeat them to earn thousands of points.

You can choose up to three different classes: The Warrior, The Hunter and The Berserker. Each class has a special ability, shoot the bunnies to get more HP. Get ready to win Raid Land and have fun!

  • Choose your class to join the battle
  • Use the WASD arrows or arrows to control your character
  • LMB: attack
  • Spacebar: Jump
  • Shift: use skills
  • R: provoke
  • O: options
  • TAB: statistics

Raid Land was developed by Sideque. St.