Pie .ai

by Okijin games
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Pie .ai

Pie .ai

In Pie .ai get ready to have fun with an exciting multiplayer survival game! Your goal is to enter an online competition with players from around the world. You need nothing less than eating all the delicious pieces of pies you find along the way as you escape the enemy drones!

Jump, eat, fly and attack all your online opponents to stay alive in the arena. Unlock all skills to further evolve your weapon in this challenging battle. Eat all healing pies to regain your energy, because with low energy your opponents could catch you more easily.

Avoid all red areas on the map by avoiding them at all costs before it's too late! Be very careful with the flying machines! They make this red area suddenly. Eat all opponents online to earn 200 calories and other objects for extra calories. Good luck with the Pie .ai game!


Play with the left mouse button


Pie .ai was created by Okijin games, a British game studio.