Gunfight .io

by TinyDobbins (Nikita Borisov)
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Gunfight .io

Gunfight .io

Gunfight .io is an exciting multiplayer combat game! Choose your team of terrorists or counter-terrorists and get ready to eliminate all enemies in a challenging battle.

Together with your team use the weapons with agility to eliminate the opposing team. The first team to eliminate 25 enemies first wins the game.

To survive in the game, hide in local strategies to defend yourself from gunfire and stealthily attack your enemy. Unlock new maps of Gunfight .io pay go into rocket wars and deal massive damage to all terrorists.

Secure and win by being the best war team and have fun with your friends online!


  • AD or left / right arrow: move
  • Up and Down Arrow: Up / Down a Ladder
  • Right click to zoom in on your weapon
  • Left-click to fire and use a rocket (by clicking the icon)


Gunfight .io was created by TinyDobbins (Nikita Borisov).