by Matheus Valadares
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In this multiplayer survival game, your objective is to shoot all enemies that cross your path with powerful tanks.

Run quickly on a flat surface and fill all the polygons on the battlefield. As you destroy all enemy triangles, squares, pentagons and tanks, experience points are earned that helped you perform various upgrades.

There are several game modes available:

  • Free-For-all: Get a higher score than your opponents. The top ten players will be announced in the game ranking.
  • Deathmatch in teams: You will join a team where everyone will join in their bases that will be separated by different colors.
  • Domination, Mothership and Labyrinth: In this game mode there are no leaders, but with winning conditions, there are four towers scattered on the map that can be converted by defenders. Control the four towers and eliminate all opponents.
  • Tag mode: There are four teams in this game mode: blue, red, purple and green. Your objective is to destroy all the opposing team's tanks on a Free-For-All style map.
  • Survivor mode: The player will not return to the game when he dies. According to the battle time, the shapes have gotten smaller and smaller and will shrink the playing field.
  • Sandbox mode: In this game mode you can do whatever you want freely.
  • Use W, A, S, D: move
  • Left mouse button: shoot
  • Space: shoot