Duo Cards

by Famobi
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Duo Cards

Duo Cards

Duo Cards is a classic card game in which you will play against 3 opponents. With easy and fun gameplay he was inspired by the famous game "Uno". Use your mental skills to make the best moves, confusing your opponents. With the best strategies eliminate all your cards!

How to play Duo Cards

Duo Cards consists of four color cards: green, red, blue and yellow. Their rows of each color are numbered 0 through 9. Each card has a special action such as "jump", "draw two" and "reverse". And there are also black-bottomed special stock cards called "joker" and "joker buy four".

Before you have just one card, press the button next to your cards, as if you forget to press it you will be penalized! The game wins the one that reaches 500 points first.


Duo Cards was created by Famobi.