Dr Mario Html5

by Gunpei Yokoi Takahiro Harada
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Dr Mario Html5

Dr Mario Html5

Dr. Mário is a classic puzzle game created by Gunpei Yokoi Takahiro Harada and developed by Nintendo in 1990. This is one of the best games to pass the time and have fun!

You can play Dr. Mário completely online in our collection of games. The famous plumber Mário decided to change his profession to a doctor and needs your help.

How to play Dr. Mário

The gameplay of Dr. Mário is very simple, your objective is to eliminate all the viruses that are spread in the bottle.

Combine all vitamins of the same color as the virus to eliminate them! You will win the game as soon as all viruses die.


Dr. Mário was created by Gunpei Yokoi Takahiro Harada.