Worms Zone

by Good Funny Game

In Worms Zone, help the worm collect all the fast-food foods it finds along the way! Be wary of the larger adversary worms. - Play Worms Zone Free and Enjoy!


Game Worms Zone

Worms Zone is a fun worm game similar to Slither .io and Slithery Snake. This is one of the most popular games of all time. Your goal is to help your worm eat all the types of food it finds along the way, the famous fast food such as cakes, pastries, hamburgers, pizza, pancakes and more.

Guide the worm to feed it and be wary of the larger opposing snakes! They can eat you and make you lose the game. The more fast food you eat the bigger your snake will get. So use all your skills to get first place in the ranking!

There are over 50 different worm styles to choose from and have fun totally online for free at Worms Zone! Do not forget to collect all the power ups that are scattered in the arena to defeat all your opponents.


Play with the left mouse button.


Worms Zone was created by Good Funny Game.