Ultimate Custom Night

by Scott Cawthon
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Ultimate Custom Night

Ultimate Custom Night

Have fun with this new horror adventure from the legendary fnaf created by a fan of the game! He survives the last Five Nights of Freddy's game by becoming the security camera man at a haunted restaurant called Fazbear's Pizza.

Now that you are trapped, it is necessary to survive against the malevolent animatronic assassin. There are 50 characters available in Ultimate Custom Night with seven FNAF games and various customization options.

Choose and match the characters you like from fnaf and set the difficulty from 0 to 20 to participate in various exciting missions.

Take care of two side doors and two air ducts that connect to his office. Use various tools in the challenges like air conditioner, heater, music box, power generator and more.

Don't forget to place laser traps in the air vents, collect Faz-Coins and buy items at the prize counter.

At nightfall, several dangerous animatronic dolls will emerge from the shadows! Customize and choose your favorite creatures.