Granny 3

by DVloper
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Granny 3

Have fun right now with the third version of Granny in our collection! The legendary Dark Grandpa and Grandpa has new haunting digs and quests for you to complete in this new adventure.

Get ready to face them in a new abandoned house in Granny 3 with several moldy and deadly rooms. Grandma and Grandpa have captured you once again, and this time they're bringing you to their new home, and it's bigger and even weirder than the old one!

Explore all new objects in Granny 3's new mansion to escape and survive in time. There are many items placed inside and outside the house that will be essential for your survival. Watch out for bear traps along the way!

You can hide under beds, sofas, or wardrobes, but be careful they don't see you when you're hiding.

You can protect yourself from grandma and grandpa using one of two different types of weapons you can find in the house.

There are five different difficulty levels in Granny 3: Extreme, Hard, Normal, Easy and Practice.